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Mission Mars Diary

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Mission Mars Diary


The Mars Diary aims to engage students in science by teaching them about real-life STEM projects that are exploring ways to get humans to Mars – in particular, the UK’s human and robotics exploration programmes.

Students create their own book as they plan and execute a mission to the Red Planet. Super-flexible and easy-to-use, these free teaching resources are split into chapters with over 60 hours of activities, lesson plan templates, self-evaluations, curriculum links, multimedia content, and fun ways to track progress.

The flexible education programme was written and developed by author Lucy Hawking and publisher Curved House Kids, along with the UK Space Agency and a wonderful team of STEM experts and teachers who helped to make everything as inspiring and as informative as possible.

“The Mars Diary effectively brings together a number of different curriculum areas to create an exciting cross curricular learning experience. It will encourage and inspire children to investigate the wonders of the universe.” Paul Cameron, Primary Teacher

Publication Details:

Published: 31/03/2018
Book Type: Book
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9780992730284

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