Lucy has toured the world, giving popular talks on physics, astronomy and cosmology to young audiences. She was an invited guest speaker at NASA’s 50th birthday celebrations where she gave a talk on engaging young people in science and education. Lucy is also the winner of the Sapio Prize for Popularizing Science 2008. Here are some snaps and updates from some of Lucy’s past events.

2015 Events

Lucy celebrated the success of The Theory of Everything with her family at the BAFTA’s and was
delighted with Eddie Redmayne’s Oscar for his excellent portrayal of her father. Lucy is planning a
book tour of Australia in April of this year.

2014 Events

2014 was a busy year for literary events peaking in May and June with attendances at 6 separate events. Lucy attended a total of 12 in all including: Hay, Just Imagine, Scottish Book Trust, Museums at Night and The Festival of Imagination. There was international travel too with Bookaroo in India and the Hay Festival in Delhi which took up the lion’s share of November.

Lucy continued to enthuse children about Space and Science at school events, delivering customised talks to no fewer than 13 schools over the course of the year across the UK. She was also honoured to be a keynote speaker at adult attended events delivering the Schorstein lecture at Queen Mary Westfield University, filming for TED Salford and attending a panel at the prestigious Children’s Media event at Westminster. These appearances required customised presentations and significant work to deliver the right talk for the audiences involved.

Lucy conducted innumerable interviews with press at the literary events attended as well as
scheduled interviews and articles with Times Educational Supplement, The Sun, Radio New Zealand
to name a few. Several articles appeared in the Indian and Bangladeshi press appeared after her tour
to the continent.

In between these events Lucy continued to attend events on behalf of charities close to her heart connected with Autism and MND. To add to the busy year, Lucy also continued to work with Nerdcorps on the George animations and make the contributions necessary for the release of the
film of The Theory of Everything.

2013 Events

Highlights were BrainSTEM Canada, European AstroFest & Moscow School visits.

The BrainSTEM festival at Perimeter Institute, Canada, 2013

European AstroFest, 2013

Moscow School Visit