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Mission to Mars with Lucy Hawking

Fans of the Principia Space Diary will be excited to hear that the sequel is out now! Lucy Hawking has again teamed up with Curved House Kids and the UK Space Agency to create the Mission Mars Diary, a sequel to the Space Diary that sees primary-aged children imagine their own Mars mission. The Mars Diary aims to engage students in science by teaching them about real-life STEM projects that are exploring ways to get humans to Mars – in particular, the UK’s human and robotics exploration programmes. You’ll notice the ExoMars rover on the cover, one of the stars of the Mars Diary! 

The Mars Diary is generously supported by the UK Space Agency and is developed in collaboration with experts from the UKSA’s human and robotic space exploration teams. 

Schools in the UK can access the Mars Diary and all of the related teaching materials at